Church Services

Church Donation Services

With less footfall through the doors it is becoming more and more important for churches to find easy and cost efficient ways for parishioners to make charitable donations.

Seccom Church Services offers several donations options which can be configured directly from your church website, or off your livestreaming page (if using our portal), off your own church homepage hosted by us if you don’t have a website.

We even have different contactless solutions for when parishioners feel ready to com back to church.

Through our partners we can also provide Gift Aid Reporting direct to HMRC in real time.

All of our donation solutions can be integrated with MyGiving.Online through our partners Data Developments.

OnLine Donations

Allow viewers to make online donations whilst they watch live or recorded events.

If you aren't streaming yet, simply add our donations button to your own website, and let your parishioners choose how much to donate.

All of our donations options give you access to our administration portal where you can set donation amounts, download reports and perform other branding and configuration tasks.

QR Codes

Through your online donations portal you get automatic QR codes generated for your church, allowing easy mobile payments to be made with or without gift Aid.

Contactless Donations

For those who still feel able to come to church and want to donate with as little contact as possible or for when things get back to normal and your parishioners have stopped using cash there is contactless.

All our options come with MyGiving.Online integration

Software for Churches and Charities

You can use MyGiving.Online to record all of your donors (whether you can claim Gift Aid on their donations or not) simply by looking up the address via their postcode. You can then record/import all of the donations, whether by envelope, cash, Standing Order, Direct Debit, Credit/Debit card, PayPal, GASDS eligible, etc. When you are ready you can submit the claim from MyGiving.Online directly to the HMRC.