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Streaming Services for Churches

Seccom Church Services provides a range of alternative solutions designed to cater for all houses of worship.

Stream the way you want
Whether you need a professional platform to publish your content, just the equipment and a bit of help setting it up or a fully managed end to end solution, we let you choose.
Built in donation services
All our options allow easy integration to our online donations service, which comes with QR donations functionality and RFID payments designed for Apple Pay and equivalents. Learn More
Gift Aid Reporting
Through our partners we can also provide Gift Aid Reporting direct to HMRC in real time.
Homepage Included
Don't, have a website?...our built in page builder allows you to set up a professional looking homepage in minutes.


Standard or bespoke pricing - just ask

We know every house of worship is different. From streaming requirements to budgets we aim to find a solution that is right for you.

Just Stream

from £ 40 +VAT / month
  • If you don’t want or can’t use a free service then put your content on our platform

  • No ads, no marketing, no fuss

  • Our platform streams to any device, including mobile devices

Most popular

Stream out of the Box

from £ 2,450 +VAT
  • Want to live stream but don't know what to buy?

  • Our out of the box option might just be what you need

  • All the equipment you need to start streaming, configured and tested by us and delivered directly to you

Fully Managed Streaming

from £ POA
  • All you need to do is start streaming

  • The perfect package for anyone who wants to get online but doesn’t know where to start

  • This is a bespoke solution tailored to your individual requirements

Just Stream

Subscribe to our Live Streaming Portal, publish your live streams and recordings.

Send us your live stream and let your users watch your videos and recordings on web pages that have your branding and logos.

No adverts, no marketing, no AI to cut off your stream for alleged copyright violations.

Ideal for anyone already streaming to a free platform and wants a more professional look and feel or needs to overcome the limitations of a free service.

Worried about losing your YouTube or Facebook audience? With our restream feature you can also keep streaming to your free platform and keep your existing audience whilst increasing it our platform.

Contact us and get streaming

Stream out of the Box

Have a complete streaming kit delivered to your door ready to stream.

All the equipment you need to start streaming, configured and tested by us.

We provide online and telephone support to help you get set up once your box arrives.

12 months support included.

You can stream out of the box to your favourite streaming platform...


Get 12 months Just Stream from only £40+VAT per month.

Fully Managed

All you need to do is switch it on.

Your streaming solution designed by us, project managed by us, installed by us, tested by us and supported by us.

The perfect package for anyone who wants to get online but doesn’t know where to start.

Prices vary, subject to a no obligation initial survey.

Available with or without Just Streaming.

Contact us and get streaming